Asian-inspired Shop Stall / 2016

Trish hrafnaharr cart001a
The final shot, in as close to the angle of the concept as I can get.
Trish hrafnaharr cart004
Fruit Stand Details: Wanna buy some meat?
Trish hrafnaharr cart003a
Trish hrafnaharr cart002a
Trish hrafnaharr kluowihb6qsf
The original concept piece. Artist, unknown.

Began as a scene challenge on Polycount, I wanted to take the scene which is not something I commonly tackle, the cartoonish and hand-painted style, and give it a mixed makeover. I aimed for a more physically accurate take while retaining some of the hand-painted feeling in the concept piece. I lent some of my own flavor to some elements and placed it in a snowy world.

The challenge can be found here: