Star Wars Styled 'Space Refrigerator'

Done as an assignment, I was required to create three assets within 4 days. This asset was to be done using a Ralph McQuarrie concept piece, (pictured inset) on a 'kitchen appliance' that might be found in a Star Wars environment. I was limited in my poly budget and had to illustrate that this item contained food, and was not allowed to use transparency textures or any glass materials but I was allowed to use emissive materials so I used it to imply food-objects within via light. I also attempted to be as faithful as possible to the concept work.

Marmoset Viewer

Lighting demo video.

Trish hrafnaharr spacefridge001
Trish hrafnaharr spacefridge002

Emissive Detail

Trish hrafnaharr spacefridge003
Trish hrafnaharr spacefridge004
Trish hrafnaharr spacefridge005
Trish hrafnaharr spacefridge007
Trish hrafnaharr spacefridge006

Wiring Detail